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Stars Shine Bright Upon Return of CDBA Summer League // July 9, 2015

The elite players heard and responded to the call back home and opened the league in a flurry of thrilling games! [ MORE ]

UAlbany Ladies Win Title //

[ MORE ]

// October 09, 2015

[ MORE ]

Lionel Chalmers // 03/09/2013

Chalmers contributes 10 points and 2 assists, as he and his Aliaga Petkim teammates step past Olin Edirne to maintain 8th place in the Turkish Basketball League. Next on the schedule for Aliaga is Erdemir, former team of Schenectady's James Thomas. For translation services, copy and paste text into Google Translate.  [ MORE ]

Columbia-Greene Summer League - Team Dedrick v. Team Johnson // July 9, 2014

The Columbia-Greene Summer League with a back-and-forth effort between Team Dedrick & Team Johnson! Catch the full game in this CDBA Media replay! [ MORE ]


What would you like to see more of next year in the 2013 CDBA Summer League?

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CDBA Playoffs tip tonight at 8:00pm! Watch as #4 Team O'Keefe tries to fend off #5 Not Even Famous; #3 4th Family against #6 Team Sellers!

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